UBC Storm Club

Where being under the weather is a good thing

First day of classes today!

On behalf of the Storm Club Execs, we would like to welcome all the new Storm Club members. Also we would like to thank to all who came out day yesterday for Imagine/ Sports Day and helped make a great Storm Club presence. Best of luck on your first week.


Warm up!

The weather is going to warm significantly over the next day or two. The arctic high pressure that has been dominating central BC and funneling cold air to the coast, is going to shift further east. Incoming systems off the Pacific will slowly invade with moisture this week, possibly a storm on Friday ūüôā


Some lightning and thunder this morning, and now a wind warning is in effect! Winds have significantly picked up in the last hour, and will continue to gust 50-70km/hr with higher gusts. The winds are currently from the SE but will switch to SW by this afternoon.

Executive ELECTIONS 2014/15

Have you ever wanted to be the one in control of the tornado machine? ¬†Wonder how we got onto the weather portion of CTV’s 5 o’clock news?¬†¬†Well now’s your chance to become a Storm Club Executive Member and make it happen! ¬†
We will have a vote during meeting after the weather briefing.  Please let us know if you have any questions!
Please email us your applications for Junior Co-President, Social Coordinator and Treasurer (position descriptions and short application form below).

If you‚Äôre interested in a Storm Club Executive position next year, please read the position descriptions and email your application to¬†stormubc@gmail.com. ¬†Please apply! ¬†Don’t be isothermal guys….

Storm Club Executive Position Descriptions (4) & Short Application Form:

Senior & Junior Co-Presidents work together overseeing the Storm Club. The Senior Co-President should already have experience as a Storm Club executive and help the Junior Co-President gain experience.

-organize and run weekly meetings and weather briefings
-attend EOAS Undergraduate Presidents Council meetings
-plan field trips and social events throughout the year
-correspond with the AMS, SUS, and the EOAS Department and organize the Storm Club table for recruiting events (ie. Imagine Day, Science Week)
-organize and run any Storm Club Executive meetings

Social Coordinator assists the presidents with all club activity, and is responsible for planning special Storm events.

-attend and participate in weekly meetings and weather briefings
-take charge in planning field trips and events throughout the year
-attend and help plan for all recruiting events (ie.Imagine Day, Science Week)
-correspond with social coordinators from other EOAS clubs when planning joint events
-update the club website and send out club email updates

Treasurer assists the presidents with all club activity and is responsible for the club’s finances.

-go through the AMS treasurer training process
-take care of the club’s budget
-accept and process membership fees
-file all receipts for club purchases
-attend and participate in weekly meetings and weather briefings
-attend and help plan for all recruiting events (ie. Imagine Day, Science Week)


Storm Club 2014/15 Executive Application

Email completed form to stormubc@gmail.com





Why do you want to run for this position?



Celebrate ST. PATRICK’S DAY with an EOAS PARTY¬†this Friday (Mar. 14th)
In the study space on the 2nd floor of EOSM (room 208).  Image
$5 cover gets you a free drink!  
Hosted once again by all the EOAS Clubs (us, Dawson, GeoRox, ESSA), it’s sure to be a fun time!
Let’s get shamrocked!